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  • How it Works: The Components of a Fire Protection and Fire Suppression System

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Hard Fire is one of the leaders in fire suppression in Cleveland, designing, installing, monitoring, maintaining and repairing a variety of fire protection and suppression systems for property owners like you. Every system we design is unique, but there are some basic components that go… Read more »

  • Fire Alarm Systems: Types of Detection & Benefits

    Fire Detection August 23rd, 2017 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    When it comes to fire and fire protection, there is no room for error. And, this begins from the very beginning; with the detection of the fire. The quality and dependability of your fire alarm system is essential to the well-being of your business. So,… Read more »

  • Fire Detection & Fire Alarms FAQ

    Fire Detection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Everyone knows that quality fire alarms and fire detection is essential to the safety of a business. But, what do you really know about them? At Hard Fire, we get asked many questions about fire alarms, fire detection and our industry in general, especially regarding… Read more »

  • Types of Clean Agent Fire Protection & Their Benefits

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Many businesses have been upgrading their fire protection systems with clean agent fire protection. But, what is it exactly? The experts at Hard Fire are here to answer this very question to help you better assess what kind of fire suppression is best for your… Read more »

  • Fire Protection Systems in the Workplace

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Increasingly, more companies are updating and upgrading their commercial fire protection systems in Cincinnati. In this day and age, it is more important than ever to make sure your workplace stays safe from the threat of a fire. Not only is the health and well-being… Read more »

  • When the Alarm Sounds: Steps to Take in Case of a Fire

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Fire alarms are one of the most effective ways to alert a building’s occupants that there is a fire and that everyone needs to evacuate as quickly and safely as possible. If a fire breaks out in your commercial building and you have one of… Read more »

  • What You Should Know About Life Safety Fire Protection Systems

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As a company that specializes in fire protection systems in Akron and surrounding areas, we are often asked questions about fire protection, its systems and their significance. As passionate as we are about fire protection and life safety, we’ve decided to come up with a… Read more »

  • Fire Protection: Essential Safety Tips for Your Business

    Fire Protection December 4th, 2020 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As a business owner, protecting your property, assets and employees or residents is a legitimate concern. At Hard Fire, our focus is on helping you protect them. When you’re ready to hire the professionals, we will send one of our fire protection experts to your… Read more »

  • Rundown of Fire Suppression Systems

    Fire Suppression December 29th, 2016 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Clean agents are defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as “electrically nonconductive, nonvolatile gaseous fire suppressant agents that do not leave a residue upon evaporation.” In other words, a clean agent is a way to put out a fire without utilizing water. This type… Read more »

  • Fire Alarms Q&A

    Fire Detection December 2nd, 2016 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    A little Q&A can go a long way! At Hard Fire, we get asked the same questions about fire alarms and our industry in general, especially in regards to just how important a fire suppression system and/or fire alarms are within a home or business…. Read more »

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