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How to Ensure Your Building’s Sprinkler System Will Do its Job

If your building caught fire, would your sprinkler system activate and control the fire? Most of the time, the sprinkler system will do just that. However, there is that small chance your sprinkler system isn’t quite set up for success. Luckily, there are several things that you can do as a building manager to ensure your sprinkler system works when you need it most. As the trusted name in commercial sprinkler maintenance for Cincinnati, we’ve put together tips to help you get started.

commercial sprinkler maintenance

For one, sprinkler systems need to be inspected by a qualified commercial sprinkler system maintenance contractor at least once a year. This annual process includes inspection and maintenance of the sprinkler heads, riser pipe, valves, pump and more. If your sprinkler system includes an anti-freeze loop or dry pipe valve, these also need to be checked.

Also keep in mind sprinkler systems are not always designed for all types of tenants. So, if you manage a rental facility, contact your sprinkler contractor any time there is a switch in tenants. The sprinkler contractor can evaluate your system to make sure it is adequately designed to meet the needs of your new tenant.

You should also contact your sprinkler contractor any time a sprinkler head is damaged. Damaged sprinklers have a tendency to not activate when they need to, or activate at an improper time, which can cause a large amount of water damage. Sprinkler repair and inspection should also be a part of your regular sprinkler system maintenance for your business and a trusted contractor like Hard Fire will ensure this type of maintenance is performed.

In the end, fires can occur for many different reasons. But, a properly maintained and designed sprinkler system is almost certain to contain the fire if the need arises. Many types of businesses can benefit from commercial sprinkler maintenance so give us a call to ensure your sprinkler system is working for you.

Whatever fire suppression system is best for your business, we will supply it and maintain it properly. Allow our NICET-certified team provide assessments, design, installation, and services to meet your special fire suppression system requirements. We provide commercial sprinkler maintenance solutions that are flexible, scalable, delivered on time and on budget.

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The Importance of Professional Monitoring for Your Fire Alarm System

What is a top-of-the-line fire detection system without professional fire alarm monitoring to back it up?  The monitoring of your systems is just as important as the alarms themselves. Depending on the age and structure of a building, a tiny flame can spread incredibly fast. That is why early detection is key to preventing costly property damage and injuries. As the trusted name in fire alarm monitoring for Columbus and the surrounding areas, we would like to tell you more about why proper monitoring and maintenance is essential to a dependable fire alarm system. 

fire alarm monitoring columbus

There is no way you or an employee can possibly monitor your system around the clock. By having your fire detection system hooked up with trusted, professional monitoring you can rest easy knowing someone is watching over the safety of your business 24/7. At Hard Fire we offer 24/7/365 monitoring services and will work to keep your building and its occupants safe in the event of a fire. We will keep an eye on your building and the fire alarm systems and, if the alarm system is triggered, we will automatically notify the proper emergency personnel, you and anyone else you tell us to notify.

Your fire alarms and those who monitor them can help save lives and minimize the amount of damage done. So be sure to hire trusted professionals to ensure proper fire alarm monitoring and that all works as it should. At Hard Fire, we have professional representatives on NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standard’s code committees and work closely with fire detection and suppression system manufacturers. Our highly trained, licensed fire alarm system specialists will design, install, monitor, service and test the essential technologies you need to protect your employees, customers and assets. We specialize in fire alarms and are current and up to date on all of the regulations and codes surrounding fire alarms, fire suppression and fire protection. 

Your safety, property and assets are our highest priority. We use the best technology available to monitor your fire alarm and fire suppression systems.  Our fire alarm monitoring technologies include:

Are you ready to learn more about fire alarm monitoring for your Columbus area business or institution? We are here to tell you all about our 24/7/365 monitoring service! Call Hard Fire at 800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or you can Contact Us.

Fire Safety and Suppression are Personal for Us

Mike Hard with Hard Fire Suppression Systems in Ohio

At Hard Fire Suppression Systems, we have been teaching others for decades about the importance of being prepared for a fire in their building. In 2015, that lesson hit home for us when our office caught fire. At the time, our business was housed in a multi-tenant structure, and the fire started when another occupant popped an electric circuit off the wall while moving a roll of carpet.

After the blaze, we relocated our business. However, the experience shows that fire can happen to anybody. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to be prepared.

In addition to our personal experience with fire damage, we also realize that life safety is more important than profits. We understand how important fire protection is, so we do our best to stay on top of technology and training. We look for employees who have a passion for what we are doing, not just people who want a paycheck.

Many businesses do not reopen after a fire or other disaster. We hope to prevent that by offering the best fire detection and suppression services possible.

To learn more about how our business survived after a fire and how we strive to help other businesses, please read this article by Huntington.

If you do not currently have a fire protection plan in place for your Ohio business, give us a call at 800-848-1301 or contact us today!

Fire Alarm Testing, Maintenance & Replacement for Your Cincinnati Business

Having commercial fire alarms professionally installed at your business location is the first step in ensuring a safe work environment for you and your employees. The second is proper testing and maintenance of those systems. With the right maintenance, your fire alarms can last for decades. Annual inspections performed by a professional fire detection company such as Hard Fire can make a huge difference in the performance of your alarm systems. Here at Hard Fire, we specialize in fire alarms for Cincinnati businesses and are here to tell you more about maintenance, inspection and even replacement for your business. 

Every business has to follow certain codes and regulations. Here at Hard Fire we are well-versed in these codes for commercial fire alarm systems. When we install your alarm system, you can depend on us for all of its maintenance and testing needs. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Code of Federal Regulations require you to adequately illuminate all exits. The codes also require you to maintain emergency lights and exit signs to make sure they are always in operating condition. We are here to keep your fire alarms up to code.

When was the last time you had your fire alarms inspected? Every business should thoroughly test and inspect all of their fire alarms and components for proper operation. When you enlist the help of Hard Fire, you can trust you are getting the regular testing your system requires. The most current techniques and equipment are utilized during each of our inspections to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s complex fire alarm systems. We want to make sure your fire alarms work when you need them most.

Ready to get started? We will customize a preventive maintenance and testing program that provides your unique business with a single, trusted system that works. A service representative from Hard Fire will meet with you to tour your facility and develop a service agreement to ensure your alarm systems are tested, inspected, and maintained to keep them operating at peak performance.

Do you suspect you could use a complete overall of you fire alarms? It is impossible to put a price on the safety and well-being of your building’s occupants. Most fire alarms are reasonably priced and with a new system, you can get the peace of mind knowing your business will be properly protected.

Interested in getting more information about maintenance, testing or replacement of fire alarms for your Cincinnati business? Call us at Hard Fire at 1-800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or you can Contact Us.

Fire Prevention & Detection for Your Office this Summer

Summer is most definitely in full swing here in Ohio complete with sweltering heat and unpredictable weather. Your air conditioner is likely cranked up and working as hard as it can to keep your employees cool and comfortable all workday long. All of this additional energy use can put a huge burden on electrical systems, making summer one of the most dangerous seasons for fire. As the fire detection experts for Cleveland and the surrounding areas, we would like to offer some essential fire prevention and detection tips to help keep your property safe this season.

fire detection cleveland

For one, when was the last time you had your fire detection system inspected? If it’s been some time or if you aren’t sure, you should consider having your fire detection systems professionally serviced and inspected. It is important to have your office fire detection system inspected once a year by a professional fire detection company such as Hard Fire. These preventative measures are essential in ensuring your system can handle whatever is thrown its way. We can also determine if your system is up-to-date and even recommend a new or updated system if necessary.

You should also go straight to the source of the possible fire hazard: the cooling system. Make sure its fans aren’t running constantly and that their cords aren’t damaged. It also may be time to consider new, safer and more efficient fans. You should clean out any exhaust fans regularly and clear debris out of the vents. Avoid running fans consistently for long periods of time and check to ensure it is dust-free and clean. Dust can settle over the motor and other electrical components and cause faults, which can create fires. Running multiple cooling units together consistently and for long periods of time can also result in overloading and overheating, which presents an opportunity for fires to start.

Some other considerations include ensuring you store any flammables upright and in its proper place. Whatever special considerations your office requires, Hard Fire can customize a fire detection system to match. Do you have large servers or other sensitive technical equipment? We can create a system tailored to monitor and keep your equipment safe.

Are you interested in learning more about fire detection for your Cleveland area business? Call Hard Fire at 1-800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or you can Contact Us today to get started!