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  • Does Your Office Have Adequate Fire Protection?

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Look around you, does the office you go to every day have adequate fire protection? As experts in commercial fire protection systems for Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, we’d like to provide an outline of what should be there to properly protect your office and… Read more »

  • Finding the Best Type of Fire Suppression for Your Unique Business

    Fire Suppression January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    When it comes to choosing a fire suppression system, it is important you find the right one to meet your unique needs. Fire suppression isn’t one-size-fits all. A professional fire suppression system offers variety of options from water mist to foam to CO2 to FM200… Read more »

  • The Difference Between Commercial & Residential Fire Detection

    Fire Detection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Fire detection and fire alarms are a crucial part of fire safety for both commercial and residential properties. They both help save lives and protect property by alerting that a fire has broken out. There are also different types of fire detection systems to suit… Read more »

  • Why You Should Have Your Commercial Fire Alarms Tested Regularly

    Fire Detection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Your commercial fire alarms and business’ fire safety likely isn’t always at the forefront of your mind with everything else you have to do to run your business. But, it is important to ensure your fire protection system is working as it should. One of… Read more »

  • Fire Safety Tips for Summer

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Thousands of fires take place every day during the summer. In fact, with all the air conditioners running, high temperatures and stresses on electrical systems, it is one of the most dangerous seasons for fire. That is why, this summer, you should take some extra… Read more »

  • Reasons Why Passive Commercial Fire Protection Isn’t Enough

    Fire Protection November 5th, 2020 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Does your building have a commercial fire suppression system? If so, how old is it? Is it still up to code? If you have an old, outdated or bare bones fire suppression system in your office building, are you really doing everything you can to… Read more »

  • Importance of Testing Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

    Fire Detection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    With proper professional maintenance, a fire detection system can last for over a decade. However, to ensure its longevity and effectiveness, you should have these fire alarms professionally serviced in the form of annual inspections. It is important to have your commercial fire alarm systems… Read more »

  • The Importance of Quality (Not Just Any) Fire Detection System for Your Business

    Fire Detection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As a facilities manager you must balance the time, cost, and quality of everything you put into your facility; from the vending machines to the more important life safety systems. When it comes to fire safety, these systems can have serious implications for building managers… Read more »

  • Thank You and Happy Holidays from Hard Fire

    News December 22nd, 2017 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    With the end of 2017 quickly approaching, we want to take a moment to thank all our wonderful clients for their support. We are grateful to have served Ohio for more than 70 years, providing commercial fire detection and suppression services. We could not be… Read more »

  • Are Your Holiday Decorations Safe for Work?

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Avoid decoration situations that are NSFW (Not Safe for Work). With the holidays quickly approaching, it is important you learn and avoid common fire hazards caused by holiday decorations. Everyone loves adding a little Christmas cheer to their office but don’t forget to keep your… Read more »

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