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Fire Prevention & Detection for Your Office this Summer

Published Date: July 17th, 2019 | Category: Fire Detection

Summer is most definitely in full swing here in Ohio complete with sweltering heat and unpredictable weather. Your air conditioner is likely cranked up and working as hard as it can to keep your employees cool and comfortable all workday long. All of this additional energy use can put a huge burden on electrical systems, making summer one of the most dangerous seasons for fire. As the fire detection experts for Cleveland and the surrounding areas, we would like to offer some essential fire prevention and detection tips to help keep your property safe this season.

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For one, when was the last time you had your fire detection system inspected? If it’s been some time or if you aren’t sure, you should consider having your fire detection systems professionally serviced and inspected. It is important to have your office fire detection system inspected once a year by a professional fire detection company such as Hard Fire. These preventative measures are essential in ensuring your system can handle whatever is thrown its way. We can also determine if your system is up-to-date and even recommend a new or updated system if necessary.

You should also go straight to the source of the possible fire hazard: the cooling system. Make sure its fans aren’t running constantly and that their cords aren’t damaged. It also may be time to consider new, safer and more efficient fans. You should clean out any exhaust fans regularly and clear debris out of the vents. Avoid running fans consistently for long periods of time and check to ensure it is dust-free and clean. Dust can settle over the motor and other electrical components and cause faults, which can create fires. Running multiple cooling units together consistently and for long periods of time can also result in overloading and overheating, which presents an opportunity for fires to start.

Some other considerations include ensuring you store any flammables upright and in its proper place. Whatever special considerations your office requires, Hard Fire can customize a fire detection system to match. Do you have large servers or other sensitive technical equipment? We can create a system tailored to monitor and keep your equipment safe.

Are you interested in learning more about fire detection for your Cleveland area business? Call Hard Fire at 1-800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or you can Contact Us today to get started!

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