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  • The Truth about Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

    Fire Suppression October 17th, 2014 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Rumors about commercial fire sprinkler systems are rampant. There are a lot of myths flying around about these fire suppression systems and how they function. As a company that installs commercial fire sprinkler systems in Columbus, we thought we would lay a few of these… Read more »

  • This Week is Fire Prevention Week

    News October 6th, 2014 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    From October 5 through October 11, the National Fire Protection Association is sponsoring Fire Prevention Week. The goal is to raise awareness of what people can do to prevent fires. The biggest thing? Make sure there are good working smoke alarms in your home and… Read more »

  • Attn: Facilities Manager / Maintenance Supervisor

    Fire Protection September 11th, 2014 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    It is that time of year to start thinking of the heating portion of your climate control system, and its effect on the fire protection systems. Through the non-heating months, dust has been collecting on the heating coils. When your system calls for heat, these… Read more »

  • Welcome to Hard Fire Suppression’s New Site

    News September 10th, 2014 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As you’ve probably noticed, our website got a facelift! We still sell the same great fire protection systems in Ohio you’re used to, just on our newly redesigned website. We went through the process of creating the design for our website with our customers in… Read more »

  • Welcome To Our New Blog

    News November 5th, 2020 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As a family owned and operated business located in Worhtington, we at Hard Fire Suppression Systems Inc. have always prided ourselves on our work, illustrating why we’re one of Ohio’s top companies for fire protection systems and service. Because of the pride we take in… Read more »

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When I began my search for an honest and reputable fire protection contractor that prides themselves on customer service I wasn’t very optimistic due to the poor service I...
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