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How a Fire Suppression System Can Help Save Your Business this Summer

Published Date: May 28th, 2019 | Category: Fire Suppression

Summer will soon arrive here in Ohio; finally, the high temperatures of summer have arrived. With higher temperatures and increased energy usage, also comes increased possibilities for fire hazards and power problems. The importance of proper fire protection and fire suppression for your commercial establishment this summer cannot be overstated. A serious fire could cause severe injury or death to employees or customers. As experts in fire suppression for Akron and the surrounding areas, we would like to tell you more about how the right system can help save your business.

commercial fire suppression Akron

A fire suppression system can improve overall facility safety by stopping fires before they spread. They are often tied into fire detection and fire detection systems and are configured to activate automatically if conditions indicating a fire are detected. More and more companies are upgrading their fire suppression and prevention systems to use clean agent fire suppression. A clean agent is electrically nonconductive and people safe gaseous fire extinguishing that does not leave a residue when discharged. Thus, clean agents are the ideal choice as office fire prevention systems for data storage rooms, IT equipment, artwork, electronics, mission critical processes and much more.

  • Clean agents inhibit the chain reaction that unfolds between heat, oxygen and a fuel source that ignites a potentially all-consuming blaze. Some examples of clean agents are CO2 and Novec 1230. 
  • Clean agent fire suppressants are safe to use when people are present. Knowing these suppressants are people safe, you can orderly evacuate the area and allow the fire department to investigate and then make the decision to let you go back to work.
  • Clean agent fire suppression is very effective, designed to control and extinguish a blaze within the affected process before it spreads to other parts of your office, warehouse or commercial property.

And, if your space is limited or if your company contains many restricted areas or rooms, this type of system is especially ideal. You can still get the best fire protection systems on the market without sacrificing too much space.

There are so many great reasons to choose clean agent fire suppression for your Akron business. And, summer is a great time to consider the safety of your property. 

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