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Rundown of Fire Suppression Systems

Clean agents are defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as “electrically nonconductive, nonvolatile gaseous fire suppressant agents that do not leave a residue upon evaporation.” In other words, a clean agent is a way to put out a fire without utilizing water. This type of clean agent fire suppression for Cleveland area businesses is… Read more »

Dry Fire Suppression in the Data Center

When you think fire at a business you likely think fire department, hoses, hydrants and the general tackling of a blaze long after it is started, grown massive and potentially catastrophic. Many people think “water” or dousing the fire with it but certain types of businesses call for certain types of chemical compounds to prevent… Read more »

Implement Clean Agent Fire Suppression in Your Office

More and more companies are upgrading their fire maintenance and prevention systems in Ohio with office fire prevention systems using clean agents. A clean agent is electrically nonconductive, volatile or gaseous fire extinguishing means that do not leave a residue upon evaporation—or—a way to put out a fire without using water. Thus, clean agents are… Read more »

Types of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

In the event of a fire in your place of business, you will want a system in place that will both eliminate the fire and not perform catastrophic damage to your equipment and products. Smoke damage is bad enough, but water damage from sprinkler systems or fire hoses can effectively destroy the computers, cause loss… Read more »