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The Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Suppression and Fire Protection Systems

Published Date: February 23rd, 2016 | Category: Fire Protection

Clean agent fire suppression systems offer our clients the ability to protect their assets when a fire breaks out but without having to worry about water damage as a result. We specialize in fire protection systems in Cincinnati and throughout the surrounding areas, and here are a few reasons we recommend a clean agent system.

For starters: what is a “clean agent”? It is an extinguishing agent that will not leave a residue after it evaporates. One example of a clean agent is Novec 1230. These extinguishing agents offer plenty of other benefits too.

These types of fire protection systems will go off as soon as it detects a fire, and the suppression agent is quickly and evenly disbursed throughout the entire room. This results in the blaze being put out before it has had time to completely engulf the room and cause injuries, damage or worse.

After the clean agent has been activated and the fire is out, the clean agent does not leave a residue and is not harmful to the environment or human beings. This makes it a great choice for those who are worried about any sort of environmental impact of the fire protection system they end up having installed in their commercial property.

If the room you are trying to protect has sensitive equipment or other items in it, like computer servers or artwork, then a clean agent fire suppression system is pretty much the only choice when it comes to fire protection. The clean agent will not harm the equipment or artwork, and you will not have to worry about your fire suppression system causing any damage to your expensive computers or priceless artwork or artifacts.

Finally, these types of fire protection systems do not generally take up as much space as C02 or inert gas systems because the cylinders used to store the clean agent are smaller. This is good news for those with limited or restricted areas or rooms. You can still get one of the best types of fire protection systems on the market without sacrificing too much space.

These are just a handful of reasons to look into fire protection systems like a clean agent fire suppression system. Contact us and we’ll tell you even more.

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