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Dry Fire Suppression in the Data Center

Published Date: September 30th, 2016 | Category: Fire Suppression

When you think fire at a business you likely think fire department, hoses, hydrants and the general tackling of a blaze long after it is started, grown massive and potentially catastrophic. Many people think “water” or dousing the fire with it but certain types of businesses call for certain types of chemical compounds to prevent damage from water. Data centers, homes of high-tech electronic gadgetry, call for dry fire suppression at your Ohio area business. This fire suppression system is waterless and has additional benefits over a water-based system.

Computers and server rooms scream for the utilization of dry fire suppression as they carry critical data that could be destroyed beyond repair by fire or water (as means of putting the fire out). Documents also need protection, among what would be housed within a business that could be taken down by fire are insurance policies, business licenses, contracts, etc. Water-based fire suppression systems can damage computers, servers and critical documents. The implementation of a dry fire suppression system allows instead for the protection of electronic equipment and documents, resulting in less time in recovery from fire.

In general, a data center is a facility that houses computer systems and like components, such as storage and telecommunications systems. Your typical data center will house backup power supplies, data communications connections, environmental controls and security devices, among others.  Data and information, highly valuable, make it a requirement for any business storing such to have an efficient means of fire suppression available on-site, dry being the ideal choice.

Keeping the various types of computing equipment in-house from overheating is a worthy concern. Many companies seek to reduce the amount of power used to cool server cabinets. This can potentially save a business money. Thus, many strategies have emerged to get rid of heat or displace and thus channel cool air where it is called for.

One way that data centers create cooling strategies is to intentionally locate server equipment to direct heat into aisles between the racks. Hot aisle and cold aisle containment configurations exist to keep everything cool, minimizing the risk of fire. A business owner must also consider fire protection when building aisle containment systems that often emerge as a “room within a room”.

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