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Types of Clean Agent Fire Protection & Their Benefits

Published Date: June 29th, 2017 | Category: Fire Protection

Many businesses have been upgrading their fire protection systems with clean agent fire protection. But, what is it exactly? The experts at Hard Fire are here to answer this very question to help you better assess what kind of fire suppression is best for your Columbus area business.

In the event of a fire in your place of business, you will want a system in place that will both eliminate the fire without causing catastrophic damage to your mission critical equipment, information and products. That’s where clean agent fire suppression comes in. So let’s get to it.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Columbus

What is a clean agent, anyway?

Clean agents inhibit the chain reaction that unfolds between heat, oxygen and a fuel source that ignites a potentially all-consuming blaze. A clean agent is electrically nonconductive; nonvolatile, people safe gaseous fire extinguishing means that do not leave a residue upon evaporation and is a fast, clean way to put out a fire without using water. Thus, clean agents are the ideal choice as office fire suppression systems for data rooms, IT equipment, artwork/antiques, electronics, document storage and more.

Types of Clean Agents

FM200—Also known as 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane, is a colorless and odorless people safe halocarbon (HFC) used as a gaseous fire suppression agent. This suppression type is used most frequently in data processing and telecommunications facilities. It is also safe for the environment.

NOVEC 1230—3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a people safe sustainable HFC alternative that works quickly, cleanly and efficiently to help stop a fire before it starts. Designed for use as a gaseous fire suppression agent; like FM200 it is used particularly in situations where a sprinkler would damage expensive equipment or where water-based suppression would not be beneficial. Novec 1230 is also not harmful to the environment. A discharge does not add to the depletion of the ozone layer and possess not environmental threat due to its very short atmospheric lifetime.

Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Suppression

At Hard Fire, we supply these special fire suppression systems to businesses looking to protect the most valuable parts of their business. There are many benefits to a clean agent fire suppression system. Fast discharge and 10 – 20 seconds extinguishment, little fire damage to your property and equipment following a fire. Clean agents also thus vastly reduce downtime, allowing you to return to production, saving jobs and money.

And, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not have any usage restrictions for clean agents like FM-200 or Novec 1230.

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