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What Should You Know About Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Published Date: July 19th, 2022 | Category: Maintenance & Monitoring

While almost everyone is aware of what a fire alarm is, fire alarm monitoring may not be quite as commonly known or understood. Fire alarm systems themselves are frequently a legal (building code) requirement for many buildings to protect employees or occupants and property within a building.

However, the best way to keep them safe is with fire alarm monitoring in Ohio! To protect both the people in the building and your property, time is of the essence in an emergency. Fire alarm monitoring can quicken the process of first responders showing up to minimize damage and make sure everyone gets out safely.

So, what should you know about fire alarm monitoring? Here are some common questions.

What is fire alarm monitoring?

Fire alarm monitoring is when a third-party company monitors a site’s fire alarm system. This takes place 24/7 and adds peace of mind as well as an additional layer of safety to your property and any tenants within the building. Since monitoring companies connect to the site’s fire alarm system, they are able to know immediately when an alarm has been triggered, allowing the monitoring company to take the appropriate response depending on the alarm, almost always including calling the relevant local emergency response authorities and your designated building response personnel.

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What’s the difference between regular fire alarm systems and fire alarm monitoring?

The only notable difference between the two is that a system with fire alarm monitoring is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. This guarantees an immediate response to any alarm by a professionally trained operative, so that no fire alarm is ever missed. Fire alarm monitoring ensures safety and protection of your site, even after hours when it remains unoccupied.

Why does a fire alarm need monitored?

The most common reason to want fire alarm monitoring for your building is the extra peace of mind that your building will remain safe. Even in the case of fire, the monitoring company will be able to contact the proper local authorities in a matter of minutes. When every second counts, fire alarm monitoring can help save you thousands of dollars per minute of property damage.

Is fire alarm monitoring required?

While fire alarm monitoring isn’t legally required for most businesses, it is required by many building codes. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), your local Fire Code, the International Building Code, and your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) all help determine whether or not your commercial building requires fire alarm monitoring.

If your Ohio building doesn’t have fire alarm monitoring, but you think it may help further protect your business, contact Hard Fire Suppression Systems today so we can get you set up! Call us at 800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or contact us!

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