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Types of Fire Protection and Suppression Systems

Published Date: November 17th, 2014 | Category: Fire Protection

As a company that specializes in fire protection in Ohio, we are often asked about the differences between fire suppression agents. Here is a rundown of the basic differences between several popular agents: FM200, Halon 1301, NOVEC 1230 and Water Mist.


This type of fire protection is great for spaces that have normal occupancy. It is a waterless system and will suppress a fire immediately. It is normally used for data centers, medical facilities, telecommunication facilities and other similar buildings or rooms. FM200 is actually an ingredient in medical inhalers, so that is why it is so safe to use in occupied areas.

Halon 1301

Halon is what’s known as a “clean agent.” This means it won’t leave a residue after it dries, plus it is safe to use around people. It stops the spread of a fire by chemically disrupting combustion. Halon 1301 is great to use for spaces that have expensive equipment that you do not want damaged by water or harmful chemicals, like server or computer rooms.

NOVEC 1230

This is a gaseous fire suppression and fire protection agent. This is also a great option for rooms where there is equipment that could be damaged by water: clean rooms, hospitals, computer rooms and more benefit from this type of agent. You will sometimes see portable fire extinguishers with this type of chemical in them. This chemical is not harmful to the environment or ozone layer, which also makes it a desirable choice. Plus it is also safe to use around humans.

Water Mist

This type of fire protection system is exactly what it sounds like. It uses very fine water sprays (water mist) to extinguish a fire. It cools the flame and other surrounding gases, displaces the oxygen by evaporation and attenuates the radiant heat by the small droplets of water. There is never a worry about any toxicity problems or harm to people through the use of this fire protection system.

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