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The Truth about Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Published Date: October 17th, 2014 | Category: Fire Suppression

Rumors about commercial fire sprinkler systems are rampant. There are a lot of myths flying around about these fire suppression systems and how they function. As a company that installs commercial fire sprinkler systems in Columbus, we thought we would lay a few of these rumors to rest. Here are some of the most common ones we hear.

Myth #1: The water damage caused by commercial fire sprinkler systems is worse than the damage caused by the fire itself.

Let’s say a fire breaks out at your office and there are no fire sprinklers. The fire rages uncontrollably until help arrives. But let’s say the fire breaks out and there are fire sprinklers. They emit water and the water quickly puts out the fire. Most commercial fire sprinkler systems release about 8 gallons to 24 gallons of water a minute. That is a pretty effective way to put out a fire! So, while there will be some water damage, it will be much less severe than the damage from an uncontrolled fire.

Myth #2: Commercial fire sprinkler systems are triggered by smoke, or they are triggered by fire.

Actually, commercial fire sprinkler systems are triggered by heat. The system needs a particular level of heat in order to activate. This level of heat is known as the “sprinkler trigger point.”

Myth #3: All of the sprinkler heads will go off at the same time when a fire breaks out.

In commercial fire sprinkler systems, each sprinkler head is individually activated. Fortunately, most fires that break out can be controlled by only one or two sprinkler heads. So if a fire breaks out in your office’s kitchen, that does not mean the entire sprinkler system will be activated. The only sprinkler heads that will go off are the ones in the kitchen that are triggered by the fire’s heat.

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