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Fire Alarm Systems: Types of Detection & Benefits

Published Date: August 23rd, 2017 | Category: Fire Detection

When it comes to fire and fire protection, there is no room for error. And, this begins from the very beginning; with the detection of the fire. The quality and dependability of your fire alarm system is essential to the well-being of your business. So, it is essential to understand the differences in types of systems and what benefits to look for.
Hard Fire specializes in fire alarm systems, so we thought we would take the time to discuss the most common types of alarms and their many benefits. And, when you’re ready to install a dependable fire alarm system for your Akron business, give us a call! Our highly trained, licensed fire alarm system specialists will design, install, monitor, service and test the essential technologies you need to protect your employees, customers and alarms Cleveland hard fire

Types of Fire Alarm Detection technologies

Photoelectric Fire Alarms. This type of fire alarm responds to slower, smoldering fires by aiming an LED light in a straight line into a sensing chamber. If smoke gets into the chamber, the particles of the smoke will interrupt that light beam and scatter it into different directions. Some of that LED light will go toward the light sensor and trigger the alarm to go off.

Sometimes when a fire breaks out, it does not instantly burst into flames. Fires can smolder for quite some time before spreading. This type of fire alarm system is excellent, especially, at detecting this type of fire.

Ionization Fire Alarms. These types of fire alarms are usually more responsive to flaming fires. They have a small amount of a radioactive material called Americium-241 that is in between two electrically charged plates. These plates are called electrodes and they are connected to a battery. These electrodes ionize the air and cause electric currents to flow between the two plates. If smoke enters that chamber, it will disrupt that flow of ions and that will trigger the fire alarm.
Both types of detector technologies should be considered for use in most fire alarm systems to ensure there is proper and adequate coverage for all kinds of fires.

Benefits of Fire Alarm Systems

A commercial fire alarm system sounds the warning that a fire has been detected and everyone needs to evacuate. Other components of the system make it easier for the occupants to evacuate, like strobe lights and exit signs. Those lights and signs mean the exits out of the building are easier to see, especially if your building loses power for some reason.

Commercial fire alarm systems are mandatory in most commercial properties. Local codes and regulations vary depending on where you live, how many occupants your building has, if there is a sprinkler system in the building and what kind of building you have. Experts like the ones at Hard Fire know these codes and regulations inside and out, and we stay up to date on them.

Allow us to guide you through the fire alarm system design and installation process; we are the experts!

For more information on a fire alarm system for your Akron business, call Hard Fire at 800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or you can Contact Us.

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