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Industrial Fire Suppression System Service Columbus

Industrial Fire Suppression System Service Columbus

At Hard Fire, safeguarding lives and property in manufacturing and industrial facilities stands as a top priority for us. Industrial properties encompass some of the world’s most hazardous applications and house the most valuable assets, making protection essential. Whether it’s high-rack storage, manufacturing or any other industrial activity, we possess the extensive experience required for safeguarding them. With decades of experience, we specialize in tailoring industrial fire suppression services to cater to the distinct needs of your business. Reach out to us, and we can design, install and service your industrial fire protection system, ensuring its optimal functionality.

Have you made the wise investment in the finest industrial fire suppression system service for your Columbus area business? If not, now is the time to do so. Relying solely on passive fire detection is insufficient to maintain the safety and security of your building. Let us provide you with the indispensable industrial fire suppression system services your operation demands.

Furthermore, once the installation is complete, you can count on us for regular maintenance and inspections, as well as addressing unforeseen repairs. Regardless of the specific system you require, Hard Fire is fully equipped to meet your needs. We boast extensive experience with various industrial fire suppression systems, and our intelligent fire detection capabilities encompass:

  • NOVEC 1230
  • Halon 1301
  • Inert agent
  • Water mist
  • Foam
  • CO2

Each type of industrial fire suppression system service offers its own unique advantages, and we are well-versed in all of them. Our team includes representatives on NFPA standards code committees and maintains close collaborations with manufacturers of fire detection and suppression systems.

Hard Fire for Professional Service

In today’s context, it is more crucial than ever to possess commercial fire suppression that not only safeguards your assets but also ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Thus, having a dependable and comprehensive industrial fire suppression system service is an imperative for businesses of all sizes and types. This is where the experts at Hard Fire excel.

We are the leading authority in fire suppression, protection and detection in the area. In fact, Hard Fire boasts a legacy of over 70 years in installing fire suppression systems in commercial buildings. Our team is NICET-certified, and we offer a wide range of services, including assessments, installations, designs, scheduled and unscheduled repairs, inspections, monitoring and much more. Therefore, let us be your all-in-one solution for all your industrial fire suppression requirements.

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Are you interested in learning more about industrial fire suppression system service for your Columbus business? Call Hard Fire today at 800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or you can contact us!

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