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Fire Protection for Your Cincinnati Business

Is your business properly protected in the event of a fire? At Hard Fire, our number one priority is to help you protect your business, its people, your property and its assets from the threat of a fire. We offer professional, trusted and dependable fire protection for Cincinnati and all of Ohio. We have helped many business owners just like you get the fire protect they need and we look forward to helping you make your business a safer one.

As business owners ourselves, we understand your concerns. So when you hire us for fire protection, you aren’t just getting a company that will design and install your fire protection system; you are also getting a team of experts that are always on hand to answer your questions, make necessary repairs and come to your business for routine maintenance and inspections. We can even monitor your alarm system around the clock.

We can work with architects, developers and engineers to design and install a fire protection system that will be custom-suited to your business’ unique needs. And, based on your business, we will design a system utilizing the best fire suppression agent for you.

We offer a variety of fire protection systems and services to help protect you and your business on all ends. These services include:

Fire Protection Cincinnati
  • Monitoring service
  • Fire suppression system installation and servicing
  • Fire alarm testing, inspection and maintenance
  • 24/7 around-the-clock assistance
  • And more

Fire Protection from Hard Fire

When you hire the professionals at Hard Fire, we will begin by meeting with you to select the best components for your fire protection system. Then we will develop, design and install your entire fire protection system.

Our work does not end after your fire protection system is designed and installed! We will also perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on your fire protection system, as well as monitor it all day, every day. All of our parts and labor have a one-year warranty, and you will have an assigned customer service team as long as your system is around.

We will be on hand, offering regular contact with you to ensure the system is routinely inspected and is still up to current codes and technology. We will also monitor your fire protection system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way you can rest assured your employees, customers and assets are protected.

Don’t trust your business’ fire protection to just anyone! Trust the experts at Hard Fire for all of your fire protection needs.

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