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Fire Alarms Akron

At Hard Fire Suppression Systems, serving Akron, we design, install and service fire alarms tailored for commercial, industrial and institutional clients. We’ve been able to do this for over 60 years thanks to our keen expertise with all facets of fire alarm systems, from maintenance to troubleshooting and repair.

Our staff is fully trained on fire alarm equipment, so we are able to completely serve all of our clients. When you need us, we’ll be there, with the most popular equipment, necessary tools and acumen in order to solve your fire alarm problems.

Akron Fire Alarm Services

    • Testing
    • Inspection
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Parts Replacement
    • Repair
    • Emergency Service
    • Smoke Detector Cleaning & Sensitivity Testing
    • Parts Replacement
    • Critical Parts Stocking
    • Equipment Repair & Replacement
    • Monitoring Service

Akron Fire Alarm Requirements

    • The Ohio Fire Code and Insurance Underwriters require alarms to be annually tested and serviced.
    • A written evacuation policy must be in place, as required by OSHA. Annual fire drills need to be done annually and with new hires.
    • OSHA also requires that occupants be notified somehow if there is a problem like fire or severe weather.
    • The Ohio Basic Building Code calls for alarms to be installed in places where large groups gather and in buildings which may have difficulty in evacuating (i.e. churches, theaters, nursing homes, etc.).

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Client Testimonials

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Your training seminar was highly informative. Hard Fire’s technical expertise was evident. Working with your company has been of great value to our personnel.
Project Engineer at Ohio State University