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Why You Should Have Your Commercial Fire Alarms Tested Regularly

Published Date: June 28th, 2018 | Category: Fire Detection

Your commercial fire alarms and business’ fire safety likely isn’t always at the forefront of your mind with everything else you have to do to run your business. But, it is important to ensure your fire protection system is working as it should. One of the most important steps in doing so is scheduled commercial fire alarm testing. And, if you can’t seem to remember to have them tested, then enlist the experts to do so for you. At Hard Fire, we specialize in commercial fire alarms in Ohio, including testing, scheduled maintenance and much more. We’d like to tell you more about commercial fire alarms and how to ensure your business is up to code and protected against a fire.

commercial Fire Alarms Ohio

Your commercial fire alarms are there to keep your employees safe if there is a fire ignited in your building. The occupants can thus have more time to safely evacuate the building, and fire alarms can help reduce injuries and fatalities that can sometimes result from these types of emergencies. These systems will also alert the authorities if a fire breaks out in your business in the middle of the night. But you won’t know they’re not working correctly until it’s too late. That is why it is so important to have your commercial fire alarms tested on a regular basis.

It’s also the law! The National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code requires tests and inspections that are also required by Ohio law. Your commercial fire alarms must be at a minimum, tested once per year in order to ensure it is working and up to code.

It is important to make sure your commercial fire alarms are thoroughly tested. When you enlist the help of Hard Fire you can rest assured knowing the most current techniques and equipment are utilized during each of our inspections.

At Hard Fire we are well-versed in Ohio’s codes for commercial fire alarm systems. Our techs are factory trained and licensed. When we install your alarm system, you can also depend on us for your life safety systems maintenance and testing needs.

Not having your commercial fire alarms tested can cost your business more than the cost of an inspection. It is important to test and maintain your fire alarms every year in order to keep your business safe! For more information about the inspection of commercial fire alarms in Ohio, call Hard Fire at 1-800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990, or you can Contact Us.

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