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Hard Fire Suppression Services protects the city of Cleveland OH.

HardNet Radio Monitoring for Central Ohio

Featuring the latest in mesh radio networking technology, the HardNet Radio Network is an extremely reliable, always on device.

Why HardNet Radio

The cost of phone line leasing fees is going up. Outages causing worry and trouble, not to mention added expenses that keep you up at night. Stop the 2 a.m. phone calls you get from your fire monitoring center because of phone line issues. Stop the after-hours service calls you have to place with your fire protection company thanks to phone line failures (that they can’t fix anyway). Stop the hassle and midnight calls. Call Hard Fire today about installing the HardNet Radio System featuring AES IntelliNet mesh radio technology.

AES IntelliNet is more reliable than any other wired or wireless technology available on the market today and provides more redundancy and faster signal transmission. This type of network is self-managing and self-enrolling and offers one of the lowest costs of ownership available today.

Hard Fire’s network is constantly growing and already covers most of central Ohio. Professionals who use our service are already enjoying fewer service calls, not to mention fewer headaches and costs associated with life safety monitoring.

For more information on radio monitoring in Central Ohio with HardNet Radio Network, call us at 614-882-2990 or Contact Us.

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