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Columbus Ohio is safe due in part to the services of Hard Fire Suppression Services

Fire Suppression System Services

At Hard Fire, our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the inspection, maintenance, and recharging of all types of fire suppression systems including special hazard systems. We have years of experience with NOVEC 1230, FM200, Halon 1301, Water Mist, Foam, CO2, and Inert Agent Systems.

Fire Suppression System Services May Include:

    • Testing & Inspection of Your Fire Suppression System
    • Maintenance
    • Extensive Agent and Parts Stocking
    • Rapid Recharge Service
    • Parts and Equipment Replacement
    • Equipment Repair
    • 24/7 Emergency Service

Fires can double in intensity and size in seconds, so having a fast and reliable fire detection and suppression system is imperative in keeping people and property safe. When it comes to your business continuity, EVERY second counts.

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I appreciate your quick response when we need service. That’s part of the reason we prefer to do business with your firm.
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