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Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Sprinkler Services & Systems

Published Date: January 26th, 2022 | Category: Maintenance & Monitoring

When it comes to commercial sprinkler systems, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there about these fire suppression systems and how they function. As a trusted commercial sprinkler service for Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, we thought we would answer some of the biggest questions we’ve received about sprinkler systems. 

commercial sprinkler maintenance

Q: How is the sprinkler system triggered?

A: Commercial sprinkler systems are actually triggered by heat. The system needs a particular level of heat in order to activate. This level of heat is known as the “sprinkler trigger point.”

Q: Is commercial sprinkler service really necessary?

A: What good is a sprinkler system without dependable service to back it up? Having preventive maintenance performed will help ensure systems work properly when they are needed. Ohio and national code standards require preventive maintenance. You can sign up for our commercial sprinkler service to certify these requirements are met.

A service representative will meet with you, tour your facility, and develop a service agreement to ensure your life safety systems are tested, inspected, and maintained to keep them operating at peak performance. 

Our customer service team is assigned to each of our clients to provide 24/7 support for the life of the system. Our technicians are provided with the latest in communications equipment so we can respond to our customers as quickly as possible. 

Q: Don’t commercial sprinkler systems just cause damage?

A: Maybe in the movies sprinkler systems cause more damage than good but in reality, they are life-saving systems. Let’s say a fire breaks out at your office and there are no sprinklers. The fire rages uncontrollably until help arrives. But let’s say the fire breaks out and there are fire sprinklers. They quickly put out the fire. Which scenario would you prefer?

Fire sprinkler systems are the best way to start the fire suppression process before help arrives. That way, as emergency personnel are responding, the fire is starting to be put out and your building and further fire damage can be avoided. The commercial sprinkler system is so important to the safety of your building and that is why it is so essential to find a commercial sprinkler service and maintenance team you can depend on.

Q: Do all of the sprinkler heads go off at the same time when a fire breaks out?

A: In commercial fire sprinkler systems, each sprinkler head is individually activated. Fortunately, most fires that break out can be controlled by only one or two sprinkler heads. So if a fire breaks out in your office’s kitchen, that does not mean the entire sprinkler system will be activated. The only sprinkler heads that will go off are the ones in the kitchen that are triggered by the fire’s heat.

Do you still have more questions about commercial sprinkler service or systems? For more information about our commercial service serving Cincinnati area businesses, call Hard Fire at 800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or you can Contact Us.

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