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Columbus Fire Suppression

When or if a fire breaks out, a second cannot be wasted. At Hard Fire, we specialize in fire suppression in Columbus and throughout the surrounding areas. We can help protect commercial properties from the threat of a fire and other emergencies. We are your neighbors and your friends. At Hard Fire Suppression Systems, the safety of those who work in Columbus and all over Ohio is our top priority. We have installed fire suppression systems in commercial buildings for over 70 years.

We understand that you want to protect your building’s occupants and assets. If a fire ever breaks out, you want to be sure the blaze is extinguished as soon as possible and that the proper emergency personnel are notified so they can quickly respond to the problem.

One of most popular forms of fire suppression is our clean agent systems. Our clean agent fire suppression systems use clean agents like Novec 1230 in order to quickly and effectively suppress any fire that might ignite. These clean agents suppress the fire by reducing its heat and inhibiting any chain reactions that can result from a fire. Many businesses can benefit from clean agent fire suppression, but especially those that store items such as:

  • Customer and client records
  • Computer and server equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Art and antiques
  • Various irreplaceable items, equipment and machinery
  • And more

Give us a call today to learn more about the types of fire suppression systems that we install and all of their benefits.

Professional Fire Suppression

If you are seeking a fire suppression system for your Columbus business, look no further. Our expertly designed fire suppression systems have been keeping people safe for many years. Our team of fire suppression system experts can design, install, maintain and repair your system. This process will be done with your specific needs in mind.

From design to installation, we will expertly install your fire suppression system, paying close attention to:

  • Designing a system to fit your particular working environment. We have a variety of systems including wet and dry.
  • Expertly installing your system and ensuring all steps are followed
  • Routinely maintaining your new fire suppression system By sticking to the schedule, you will know your system is working properly.
  • If your fire suppression system should need any repairs, our team of experts will be able to diagnose and make the necessary adjustments.

Give us a call today and we will gladly tell you more about our fire suppression systems and the process we use to design and install these systems. Find out more about Hard Fire and all we can do for you and your business!

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Your training seminar was highly informative. Hard Fire’s technical expertise was evident. Working with your company has been of great value to our personnel.
Project Engineer at Ohio State University