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Dry Fire Suppression Ohio

Water is not always the optimal choice when it comes to fire suppression at your place of employ. In a fire that emerges at a business, water is capable of creating every bit as much damage on your expensive equipment and products as the blaze itself. Hard Fire are specialists in dry fire suppression in Ohio and the surrounding areas. On-staff technicians and engineers will assess your overall property set-up, establish what it is that you wish to protect to set up a customized dry fire suppression system for your company.

The dry fire suppression systems we supply utilize clean agents like Novec 1230 to quickly stifle any fire that may emerge at your company. Dry fire suppression systems work by quelling the fire through the reduction of its heat and by controlling and eliminating any potential chain reactions that may emerge from the initial fire.

Dry fire suppression systems are designed to protect:

  • Computer, server equipment
  • Customer, client records
  • Art, antiques
  • Manufacturing equipment, machinery
  • And so much more!

Dry fire suppression systems:

  • Work quickly, reaching extinguishing levels in as little as 10 seconds.
  • Are incredibly efficient, are designed to control and extinguish blazes before it can spread to other parts of your office, warehouse or commercial property.
  • Are safe for implementation in and around people. There is no need to concern yourself with inhaling hazardous fumes or getting any on your skin.
  • Do not leave any residue whatsoever behind. Expensive cleaning and repair bills will become part of the past.
  • Are environmentally friendly and will not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Professional Dry Fire Suppression

Call us to learn a bit more on dry fire suppression, the other types of fire suppression we offer as well as other fire-related services. You will be left only too impressed with our expertise and knowledge. Our technicians and engineers are constantly updated on the latest NFPA’s codes and local, state and federal codes, regulations and laws. They are also schooled on the cusp of fire suppression technologies.

Our team at Hard Fire is also NICET-certified, and we can provide assessments, installations, designs, scheduled and unscheduled repairs, inspections, monitoring and much more. We can truly be your one stop shop for all of your dry fire suppression needs.

Dry Fire Suppression and More

If you would like more information on dry fire suppression in Ohio, call Hard Fire at 1-800-848-1301 or 614-882-2990 or Contact Us.

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