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  • Fire Prevention Tips

    Fire Protection December 12th, 2014 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As a business owner, you want to keep your employees, customers and assets as safe as possible. And as a fire protection service in Ohio, we understand that desire. You want to be sure you and your employees are doing everything you can to stay… Read more »

  • Types of Fire Protection and Suppression Systems

    Fire Protection November 17th, 2014 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As a company that specializes in fire protection in Ohio, we are often asked about the differences between fire suppression agents. Here is a rundown of the basic differences between several popular agents: FM200, Halon 1301, NOVEC 1230 and Water Mist. FM200 This type of… Read more »

  • Attn: Facilities Manager / Maintenance Supervisor

    Fire Protection September 11th, 2014 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    It is that time of year to start thinking of the heating portion of your climate control system, and its effect on the fire protection systems. Through the non-heating months, dust has been collecting on the heating coils. When your system calls for heat, these… Read more »

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