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  • Fire Protection: Essential Safety Tips for Your Business

    Fire Protection April 12th, 2022 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As a business owner, protecting your property, assets and employees or residents is a legitimate concern. At Hard Fire, our focus is on helping you protect them. When you’re ready to hire the professionals, we will send one of our fire protection experts to your… Read more »

  • The Pieces That Combine to Make Office Fire Protection Systems

    Fire Protection August 29th, 2016 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    A leader in office fire protection systems in the Akron area, Hard Fire designs, installs, maintains, monitors and repairs a broad range of fire protection and suppression systems for business owners and companies throughout the area. Each and every office fire protection system designed by us being… Read more »

  • Simple Fire Protection Tips

    Fire Protection July 11th, 2016 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Today, it is of paramount importance that you ensure the safety of your workplace with regard to the potential outbreak of fire. You have employees, customers and expensive equipment to worry about. Hard Fire Suppression Systems can help you make these concerns less so by… Read more »

  • The Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Suppression and Fire Protection Systems

    Fire Protection April 12th, 2022 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Clean agent fire suppression systems offer our clients the ability to protect their assets when a fire breaks out but without having to worry about water damage as a result. We specialize in fire protection systems in Cincinnati and throughout the surrounding areas, and here… Read more »

  • Three Myths about Fire Alarms

    Fire Protection January 8th, 2021 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Fire alarms are one of the most misunderstood parts of a fire protection system. They serve one main purpose: to alert you and the other occupants in your building that a fire has been detected and you need to evacuate as quickly as possible. Fire… Read more »

  • Types of Fire Alarms

    Fire Protection August 31st, 2015 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    Hard Fire specializes in fire alarm systems in Ohio, so we thought we would take the time to discuss the two most common types of fire alarms available today: ionization fire alarms and photoelectric fire alarms. Both of them have their uses and advantages, and… Read more »

  • What to Do after A Fire Alarm Sounds

    Fire Protection June 5th, 2015 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    If the worst happens and a fire breaks out in your commercial building, if you have one of our fire protection systems, an alarm of some sort will sound and there will be other notifications that the alarm has gone off. The notifications you get… Read more »

  • Preventing a Fire in Your Workplace

    Fire Protection March 26th, 2015 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    In this day and age, it is more important than ever to make sure your workplace stays safe from the threat of a fire. Not only is the health and well-being of your business’ occupants at stake, but so are your business assets. So what… Read more »

  • FAQs about Fire Protection

    Fire Protection February 27th, 2015 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    At Hard Fire, we are often asked the same questions about our industry and just how important a fire suppression system and fire alarms are. So we wanted to take some time to talk about the questions we hear the most often about fire protection… Read more »

  • The Basic Components of a Fire Protection and Suppression System

    Fire Protection January 14th, 2015 Hard Fire Suppression Systems

    As one of the leading companies in fire protection in the Columbus OH area, we design, install, maintain, monitor and repair a variety of fire protection and suppression systems for property owners like you. Every system we design is unique, but there are some basic… Read more »

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Your training seminar was highly informative. Hard Fire’s technical expertise was evident. Working with your company has been of great value to our personnel.
Project Engineer at Ohio State University