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Attn: Facilities Manager / Maintenance Supervisor

It is that time of year to start thinking of the heating portion of your climate control system, and its effect on the fire protection systems.

Through the non-heating months, dust has been collecting on the heating coils. When your system calls for heat, these coils will burn this dust and blow smoke into your room. The fire system very quickly will pick up this smoke as a fire and start the discharge sequence.

In order to avoid an unwanted and expensive situation as this, we strongly suggest that you cycle your systems heating portion at a scheduled time with personnel trained in the controls of your fire system.

If you have any questions on the above and/or the recommended procedure, please call (614) 882-2990 and ask for the Service Department.

Welcome to Hard Fire Suppression’s New Site

As you’ve probably noticed, our website got a facelift! We still sell the same great fire protection systems in Ohio you’re used to, just on our newly redesigned website. We went through the process of creating the design for our website with our customers in mind. We hope you find it to be informational and easy to use.

Easier to Navigate

We wanted it to be even easier for our customers and potential customers to navigate through our site. We now have two navigation bars with easy-to-interpret options. Wherever you need to get to on the site, you’ll find your way there by starting at the top of any page. You can find out what we do, what we offer, who we serve and more! Hover over some of the tabs to see even more navigational options.

New Information

Our updated website features new information on our products and services. You can get an even better idea about our services from the pages we’ve added. We have broken down our services pages to provide even more detail about all the services we offer. Our new pages include:

At Hard Fire, we hope that we have the pleasure of calling you our customer. If you are a commercial business owner in need of an updated fire suppression, sprinkler or monitoring system, contact us. We can help you with everything from designing a new system through installation and service. Our team is professional, hardworking and experienced. You can trust us to get a system installed that will perfectly suit your needs.

Contact us today to get started on the design process for your fire suppression system by calling 614-882-2990 or Contact us Here.

Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome to our new BlogAs a family owned and operated business located in Columbus, we at Hard Fire Suppression Systems Inc. have always prided ourselves on our work, illustrating why we’re one of the Ohio’s top companies for fire protection systems and service.

Because of the pride we take in our work, we’re happy to today launch our blog. It will be frequently updated with information on fire protection systems and service. We will also use this blog to showcase projects – past and present – the Hard Fire staff has worked so very hard on.

Not familiar with Hard Fire Suppression Systems? Please visit our home page to learn more about our company and services.We look forward to working with you!