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Fire Prevention Tips

As a business owner, you want to keep your employees, customers and assets as safe as possible. And as a fire protection service in Ohio, we understand that desire. You want to be sure you and your employees are doing everything you can to stay safe and help prevent a fire. So here are a few suggestions on fire prevention that we have learned over the years as a fire protection service.

  • Always make sure you have a working sprinkler system and fire detection system. Make sure the system is inspected regularly by a fire protection service like Hard Fire.
  • If you have high shelving used for storage or any other purpose, make sure it is at least 18 inches below any sprinkler heads.
  • Make sure there is always a clear path between shelves too. These paths should be free of debris and anything else that could be lying on the floor.
  • Make sure your employees know the quickest evacuation route in case of an emergency, plus where to meet outside once they have evacuated. All of your employees should also know where fire extinguishers are and how to operate them. The evacuation plan should also be posted throughout your entire building in spots that are easy to see.
  • Make sure your employees also know to call 911 if a fire breaks out and not to assume that someone else has alerted emergency personnel. Even if you have a monitoring service, it’s still a good idea to alert authorities that there is a fire emergency.
  • Your employees should also know where the fire alarm is and how to use it and what the signal sounds like.
  • Do not allow trash or other clutter to pile up. Make sure any trash is removed on a regular basis.
  • Make sure your employees and vendors do not park in fire lanes, even if they are only going to be there for a few minutes.
  • Be sure that no furniture or other heavy items block any doors, especially ones that lead outside.
  • Do not allow anyone to smoke in your warehouse. Have a designated smoking area outside away from the building and make sure there is a container where people can safely extinguish their cigarettes.

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Types of Fire Protection and Suppression Systems

As a company that specializes in fire protection in Ohio, we are often asked about the differences between fire suppression agents. Here is a rundown of the basic differences between several popular agents: FM200, Halon 1301, NOVEC 1230 and Water Mist.


This type of fire protection is great for spaces that have normal occupancy. It is a waterless system and will suppress a fire immediately. It is normally used for data centers, medical facilities, telecommunication facilities and other similar buildings or rooms. FM200 is actually an ingredient in medical inhalers, so that is why it is so safe to use in occupied areas.

Halon 1301

Halon is what’s known as a “clean agent.” This means it won’t leave a residue after it dries, plus it is safe to use around people. It stops the spread of a fire by chemically disrupting combustion. Halon 1301 is great to use for spaces that have expensive equipment that you do not want damaged by water or harmful chemicals, like server or computer rooms.

NOVEC 1230

This is a gaseous fire suppression and fire protection agent. This is also a great option for rooms where there is equipment that could be damaged by water: clean rooms, hospitals, computer rooms and more benefit from this type of agent. You will sometimes see portable fire extinguishers with this type of chemical in them. This chemical is not harmful to the environment or ozone layer, which also makes it a desirable choice. Plus it is also safe to use around humans.

Water Mist

This type of fire protection system is exactly what it sounds like. It uses very fine water sprays (water mist) to extinguish a fire. It cools the flame and other surrounding gases, displaces the oxygen by evaporation and attenuates the radiant heat by the small droplets of water. There is never a worry about any toxicity problems or harm to people through the use of this fire protection system.

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The Truth about Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Rumors about commercial fire sprinkler systems are rampant. There are a lot of myths flying around about these fire suppression systems and how they function. As a company that installs commercial fire sprinkler systems in Columbus, we thought we would lay a few of these rumors to rest. Here are some of the most common ones we hear.

Myth #1: The water damage caused by commercial fire sprinkler systems is worse than the damage caused by the fire itself.

Let’s say a fire breaks out at your office and there are no fire sprinklers. The fire rages uncontrollably until help arrives. But let’s say the fire breaks out and there are fire sprinklers. They emit water and the water quickly puts out the fire. Most commercial fire sprinkler systems release about 8 gallons to 24 gallons of water a minute. That is a pretty effective way to put out a fire! So, while there will be some water damage, it will be much less severe than the damage from an uncontrolled fire.

Myth #2: Commercial fire sprinkler systems are triggered by smoke, or they are triggered by fire.

Actually, commercial fire sprinkler systems are triggered by heat. The system needs a particular level of heat in order to activate. This level of heat is known as the “sprinkler trigger point.”

Myth #3: All of the sprinkler heads will go off at the same time when a fire breaks out.

In commercial fire sprinkler systems, each sprinkler head is individually activated. Fortunately, most fires that break out can be controlled by only one or two sprinkler heads. So if a fire breaks out in your office’s kitchen, that does not mean the entire sprinkler system will be activated. The only sprinkler heads that will go off are the ones in the kitchen that are triggered by the fire’s heat.

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This Week is Fire Prevention Week

From October 5 through October 11, the National Fire Protection Association is sponsoring Fire Prevention Week. The goal is to raise awareness of what people can do to prevent fires. The biggest thing? Make sure there are good working smoke alarms in your home and in your business. So what else can people do to help prevent fires? Read on for some tips from one of the best fire protection companies in Ohio.

Clear Clutter

Make sure your work area and common areas are free of clutter. Not only can a lot of clutter prevent people from escaping in the event there is a fire, but it can also prevent people from reaching emergency equipment like fire extinguishers.

Properly Dispose of Trash

Does your business go through a lot of oily rags? Make sure they are properly thrown away in a covered metal container. Then make sure the container is regularly emptied into the proper receptacle. That way, if a fire does break out, the oily rags are not another source of fuel for the flame.

Maintain Machinery and Store Chemicals Properly

Make sure that all of your business’ machinery is routinely inspected for any needed repairs. This can help prevent over-heating and sparks, not to mention it could save you time, money and hassle in the long run. In the same vein, make sure any chemicals your business uses are stored and disposed of safely.

Educate Your Employees

Make sure all of your employees known where your business’ fire extinguishers are located and how to use them. Your employees should also know the best escape route, what the evacuation plan is and where to go once they have safely evacuated the building.

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Attn: Facilities Manager / Maintenance Supervisor

It is that time of year to start thinking of the heating portion of your climate control system, and its effect on the fire protection systems.

Through the non-heating months, dust has been collecting on the heating coils. When your system calls for heat, these coils will burn this dust and blow smoke into your room. The fire system very quickly will pick up this smoke as a fire and start the discharge sequence.

In order to avoid an unwanted and expensive situation as this, we strongly suggest that you cycle your systems heating portion at a scheduled time with personnel trained in the controls of your fire system.

If you have any questions on the above and/or the recommended procedure, please call (614) 882-2990 and ask for the Service Department.